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    Eco-Boil™ Portable Outdoor Cooking System

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    "Used this on several camping trips: in the woods, in the desert, at the base of snow covered mountains and this has worked perfectly in all temperatures and conditions. The wind resistant design is where it is at! Great size and kit without having to add on extras to my gear. This heats up very quickly and provides enough water or cooked food for at least 2 people at once and the clear vented lid lets you see what's going on. In addition to functioning beyond expectations and better than the big brands the nesting function is also fantastic."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Melissa Garcia
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    Adventure travelers understand the importance of convenience when it comes to packing essentials. Unfortunately, those who rely on cooking meals may find that lugging around cookware becomes a hassle and takes up space while moving from place to place. Backpacking can entail a lot of extra preparation for cooking meals, which can feel like a burden, especially when constantly on the go.

    Eco-Boil™ is the ultimate on-the-go cooking system to quickly prepare coffee, soup, or dehydrated meals in any environment. The system conveniently cooks meals much quicker than ever, keeping in mind the important factors of backpacking, time and space. With Eco-Boil™, having an all-in-one tool to make rapid meals has never been so easy and more reliable



    INSTANT BOIL TIME: Eco-Boil™ brings water to a boil 2.5x faster than the leading alternative. With the fast-boil technology, hot water is ready in seconds making it easier to quickly prepare instant foods, tea, and coffee on the go.

    FUEL-EFFICIENT: The featured flame concentrator allows Eco-Boil™ to heat water with maximum heat while using less energy. The innovative stove burns gas more efficiently with fewer gas canisters needed for each meal.


    WEATHER RESISTANT: The heat exchanger design blocks wind and withstands freezing temperatures. Despite arctic conditions and blustering winds, Eco-Boil™ stays reliable and effortless to use.

    NESTED DESIGN: The sleek five-piece system allows each piece to be stored together in one container. With a seamless design, Eco-Boil™ is compact and lightweight allowing each trip to be more manageable

    CONVENIENT: The compact and portable feature is the perfect cooking set to have while backpacking, camping, or just out in the wilderness. Ready-to-go fresh meals are always ready to cook effortlessly in minutes, whenever, and wherever.

    UNIVERSAL SUPPORT: Use a variety of different cookstoves with the universal stove holder. This incredibly multifunctional tool converts Eco-Boil™ from a boil-only cooking system into a portable igniter and pot stand for a reliable cooking experience. 

    We understand how demanding it is to bring along hefty cookware and set aside time to prepare meals when backpacking, especially if you're hiking long distances. It can be a hassle lugging around each utensil into your backpack, let alone cooking each meal every so often. On average, outdoor cookware and food can cost upwards of $1000-$2000 for one trip!

    Eco-Boil™ is the perfect tool for any outdoor adventure by making ready-to-eat meals seamlessly in an instant. The jet-fast boiling time and portability save time, effort, and space in making each meal. Now, enjoy meals that are quick and easy to prepare while efficiently making the effort to travel lightly on the next adventure.


    Dimensions: ‎5.2 x 5.2 x 8.1 inches
    Weight: ‎1.32 Pounds


    (1) X Eco-Boil™ Pot
    (1) X Pot Cover
    (1) X Universal Pot Stand
    (1) X Adjustable Electric Igniter
    (1) X Gas Canister Support Stand

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    Eco-Boil™ Portable Outdoor Cooking System

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