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Trackr™ Golf Swing Training Divot Mat

“It is a simple mat that gives immediate feedback on your swing path and impact point. The fibers change to a darker color when you sweep the mat with your golf club showing you precisely where you are screwing up. I take it to the course and do my warm-ups without hitting a ball. I’m a bogie golfer at about an 18 handicap. I have taken an average of 4.5 strokes off my score after using this simple device. It really helped me with ball striking”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Alan T.
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Needless to say, a lot goes into hitting the perfect shot in golf which makes it such a complex sport. Each swing requires very specific approaches in order to deliver highly effective strokes. However, it can be extremely challenging to be able to consistently hit a golf ball pure, which in turn can negatively affect the result of the swing. Moreover, constantly hitting poor shots can become a frustrating and discouraging experience.

Introducing Trackr™, an instant feedback golfing mat that helps improve consistency and refined ball striking. Each strike provides a clear divot and swing path data that makes it easier to recognize the right adjustments needed to enhance every golf stroke. Trackr™ reveals all with swing analysis, giving every golfer inside information for the perfect shot.



✅ PURE CONTACT STRIKING: Highly effective ball strokes happen when the club comes into contact with the ball before creating a divot. Trackr™ is able to mark precisely the point of contact so golfers are able to make the necessary adjustments to hit the purest shots.

✅ IMPROVES CONSISTENCY: Fat, thin, and even shanks are easily identified and verified using the mat. With repeated practice and instant feedback, Trackr™ helps golfers build the necessary skills to be able to read proper approaches to swinging the ball in the most effective way possible.

✅ STRAIGHTER SWING PATH: Every golfer knows the struggle of misdirectional swings. With Trackr™, the impact surface traces the swing path of the club instantly so that golfers can quickly analyze and correct it.

✅ DURABLE & CONVENIENT: Save outdoor lawns from unwanted divots with heavy-duty rubber backing. The divot mat allows every golfer to conveniently practice their swings indoors & outdoors hassle-free


We understand how difficult it is to master consistency in ball striking, especially with no accurate data knowing what mistakes are being made. Constantly hitting poor shots every time can become a frustrating and discouraging feeling while playing. Recent studies have shown on average, people spend upwards of $250-$3000USD just to help them analyze their swings!

Thankfully with Trackr™, tracking every swing with instant feedback allows every golfer to improve their ball striking to hit the best and most accurate strike possible. Golfers are able to fully analyze ways to correct their swings with the mat to create remarkable results in their game. Unlock the secrets of perfecting golf swings and learn to hit purer irons with Trackr™.



Dimensions: ‎‎23.62 x 11.81 x 0.39 inches

Weight: 0.83 lbs


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