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DuraPack™ 2-in-1 Bike Bag

“We were looking for an easily mountable pouch for our bike rides. This had everything we were looking for: touchscreen, phone security, water resistant, and roomy for extra items. No more stopping to dig into a backpack or pockets while riding, just look down and tap to move through your playlist. Everything secures tightly inside the weatherproof zipper so no worry of losing small items. If you are looking for a small yet spacious bike bag.. look no further, this is an excellent choice.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - AJ Rivera
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There’s no denying cycling can be filled with adventurous thrills. While bike riding has its exhilarations, managing belongings can become a hassle. The ability to access items quickly and easily can become difficult and inconvenient while riding. Moreover, it can be bothersome to have to continually stop and dismount in order to access these belongings every time.

Introducing DuraPack™, a multipurpose bike pouch making bike adventures simpler and more efficient. This storage bag is designed to hold essential items on the go while offering quick and easy reachability. With its 2-in-1 phone mount and storage pouch, DuraPack™ offers a useful and convenient way to bike seamlessly, offering the ultimate cycling experience.


2-IN-1 PHONE MOUNT AND BAG: Rather than purchasing a separate phone mount and storage bag, enjoy the utility of having both in one handy product. DuraPack™ allows bikers to enjoy all-around ease of access to their personal items right in front of them.

SMARTPHONE USABILITY: Designed with a built-in touchscreen-sensitive phone mount, this bike bag makes it easy to view and access phones while cycling. Easily have visibility to routes and access phone calls on the go.


CONVENIENT STORAGE: DuraPack™ offers a large storage space to store all travel essentials. With ample space, storing items such as an emergency tube, extra tools, or snacks brings convenience along the ride.

WEATHER-RESISTANT BODY: DuraPack™ is equipped with a screen protector and made with a weather-durable body to keep belongings sealed off. Confidently ride in all environments and extreme conditions knowing belongings are safe and secured.

SLEEK DESIGN: Built for maximum performance, the new model is crafted from high-quality materials to complement every bike. Made with the utmost attention to detail and polished to make this accessory sleek, yet offer effective usability.

UNIVERSAL: DuraPack™ comes with adjustable straps that are universal to any bike frame. Switching the bags from one bike to another is seamless and easy to mount.



  1. Mount DuraPack™ between the handlebar and body frame of the bike.
  1. Securely wrap velcro straps around each side of the frame.
  1. Add personalized items to the bag
  1. Place the phone into the dedicated mount on the top portion of the pouch and secure it with the velcro strap.
  1. Zip everything up and you’re good to go!



We understand how difficult it can be to manage items around you while cycling. During those longer bike rides, the ability to reach a quick snack or water can be challenging and end up becoming a hassle. In addition, a lot of cyclists are in danger when they have to use their hands for things that aren’t within reach and become distracted from what’s in front of them.

Thankfully, DuraPack™ is both a storage bag and smartphone mount to make cycling with personal belongings simpler. With its ergonomic design, every cyclist will always have everything needed within easy reach while biking. DuraPack™ delivers the versatility and convenience needed for every adventure to be seamless!



Dimensions: ‎8.26in x 4.13in x 3.9in

Weight: ‎0.35 lbs

Perfectly fits phones up to 6.9 inches in length


(1) X DuraPack™ Bike Pouch and Phone Mount

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