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Magi-Comb™ Hair Coloring Comb

"This was a great gift for my daughter! They are extremely easy to use, it’s literally like using a small brush she is 8 and does it on her own! She has been asking me for months to dye her hair colors like everyone in school so this was a perfect solution! The colors are bright and also temporary. For kids, it’s perfect and rinses right out in the bath!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Brianna W.

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Every kids' dream is to have pastel pink unicorn hair or electric blue streaks. But with finer hair, children are more prone to hair damage. Applying dyes and coloring shampoo may also result in bad reactions to the scalp and permanently damage hair. Unfortunately, the majority of hair dyes are potent, damaging, and can be permanent especially at a young age.

Magi-Comb™ is a safe, easy way to color hair that doesn't get on skin and effortlessly washes out with shampoo! There are no spills, it’s easy to apply, and it's completely kid-friendly! Magi-Comb™ is a fun hair coloring comb that lets kids express their individuality with hair color.





 UNCONTAINABLE FUN: The Magi-Comb™ brings hours of fun for children of all ages. Whether they want to change the color of their hair daily or just add a little sparkle or highlights, our temporary magic comb gives parents and young artists something beautiful and fun!

EFFORTLESS APPLICATION: Magi-Comb features a comb-like structure for ease of application. With just one stroke, children can have vibrant colored hair that will look great on any occasion!

EASILY WASHABLE: Magi-Comb easily washes out of the hair in one shampooing, leaving it fresh and vibrant with no harmful chemicals or residue. It’s a hassle-free way to add trendy temporary colors to children's hair.

HAIR-SAFE: The magic chalks are non-allergenic, water-soluble, and environmentally friendly! The hair coloring chalk is a safe and kid-friendly alternative to the more traditional dye.

VARIETY OF COLORS: Kids can show off their individualistic style and creativity by experimenting with new hair color combinations. There is a variety of colors for kids to choose from, making them stand out among the rest of their peers!

 COOL & EXCITING: Little ones love to be creative and imaginative with their hair. With seven vibrant colors that blend easily for an endless combination of styles, kids can express themselves in a whole new way and feel good about themselves.

We understand the concern and hassle coloring children’s hair might cause. There are many risks children may have to take when going the traditional route of using permanent dyes and shampoos. The process of liquid dyes is not only messy but can be difficult to apply. Research shows that most dyes and shampoos contain many harmful chemicals that can do damage to younger children’s scalp.

Thankfully, Magi-Comb is a miracle alternative to permanent dyes. You now can effortlessly apply temporary color to kids' hair safely and mess-freeMagi-Comb brings a fun experience that brings children the freedom of showing off whatever style they want in a way where not only will it look great, but also make them feel good about themselves too!




Magi-Comb™ Color Set (10) -

Hot Pink

Bright Red

Lightning Yellow

Electric Purple

Ocean Blue

Flame Orange

Ice Blue

Snow White

Salmon Pink

Enlightened Green





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