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Magneto™ STEM Educational Magnetic Building Toy


"My daughter loves this magnetic building set! The pieces connect so easily and I even enjoy building these with her. The building opportunities are endless and it’s a great set to develop motor skills!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Lauren T.
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Playing with toys is an excellent way for children to develop valuable learning and social skills. Unfortunately, this generation spends countless hours glued to TV screens and handheld devices, instead of taking on great opportunities to learn valuable skills they can use as they get older. While allowing children long-term usage of technology, it can be more frustrating to break their habit of reducing time on screens.

Magneto™ is a wondrous magnetic toy set that brings imagination and education in one! This magnet-building set sparks creativity through hands-on experience by developing the creative, problem-solving, and teamwork skills of children in all sorts of ways - from making structures or objects! Explore the infinite possibilities of the imagination through building and creating with Magneto™.


ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Magneto™ has an endless variety of shapes and sizes to suit every child's imagination. The magnets encourage children to create from scratch, as they experiment with different pieces that bring imagination with what they create, to life!

HANDS-ON LEARNING: Magneto™ introduces children to the world of STEM with the many customizable shapes. With hands-on experience, kids develop new skills like hand-eye coordination, motor and problem-solving skills, and social interactions.

FUN AND INTERACTIVE: With Magneto™'s multitude of different shapes and sizes, it's the perfect magnet building set for children whose imaginations run wild. The building set offers hours of educational fun that have them magnetized!

BONDING EXPERIENCE: Through the limitless ideas Magneto brings, the building kit is a great way for families to spend quality time together. Children and parents can use the kit's many pieces to bond and create new things that last in homes forever!

100% SAFE: Magneto™ is made with non-toxic, and high-quality ABS plastic making it safe for children of all ages. The building set allows children to play with creativity while bringing peace of mind to parents.

We understand that it can be difficult to find toys that are both interactive and educational. Engaging children to interact with tools that help stimulate their minds becomes challenging and hard to break the habit of staring at screens every day. Studies show two-thirds of parents say parenting and bonding are harder today than it was 20 years ago due to the increase in technology usage.

Magneto™ gives children a fun and educational way of building new skills, socially interacting, and replacing handheld devices. Creating new ideas keeps children actively stimulating their brains and developing while all the more having fun! Bring the excitement of learning to children through interactive, hands-on activities in a fun and memorable way.



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