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    Pop N’ Play™ Sensory Fidget Pop Toy

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    “This handheld popper keeps my 6-year-old entertained for hours! The device comes with several game options and difficulty levels to test their hand-eye coordination and memory skills to the limit, which is a must for younger kids. This is great to keep them away from screens and is the perfect travel toy. I had to try it for myself and boy is it fun!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jeffrey Morris
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    In a screen-dominated world, finding fun and engaging activities that enhance children’s cognitive skills can be difficult. Excessive use of devices often distracts them from engaging in stimulating activities that contribute to their overall development. This can become concerning as opportunities for growth are missed in their overall development.

    Introducing Pop N’ Play™, the exhilarating sensory game that not only sparks endless entertainment but also supercharges children's cognitive functions. With its dynamic levels of increasing difficulty, immerse into progressive challenges that stimulate children’s cognitive abilities. Discover the action-packed game that offers endless fun in a brain-boosting way.



    ✅ ULTIMATE SATISFACTION: Say goodbye to screen time woes and embrace the joy of hands-on tactile sensory play! Pop N’ Play™ creates an immersive and satisfying push feel that captivates children’s attention, ensuring hours of engaging fun.

    ✅ UNLOCK COGNITIVE POWER: Pop N’ Play™ offers the perfect blend of brain-boosting challenges and nonstop fun with engaging game modes. Empower children with cognitive development while providing a source of entertainment that keeps them engaged, stimulated, and excited to come back for more.

    ✅ SUPERCHARGE MEMORY SKILLS: In today's digital age, it's crucial to help children sharpen their memory and cognitive abilities. Pop N’ Play™ provides exercise-building challenges and engaging experiences specifically designed to enhance memory skills.

    ✅ 4 GAME MODES: Experience the thrill with a diverse range of game modes, specifically designed to cater to different challenges and objectives that promote developmental growth. Engage in mind-boggling play across each mode, ensuring endless fun and skill-building opportunities!

    ✅ TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Designed for on-the-go fun, the handheld toy is compact and lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion for family trips, road adventures, or simply keeping children entertained during commute.

    ✅ A BREAK FROM SCREENS: Pop N’ Play™ provides a refreshing break from screens while offering a world of excitement and learning. Let children immerse themselves in the satisfying sensory experience and unleash their potential in the real world.

    We understand how concerning it is to watch our children constantly on their devices all day. It can be challenging to break their habit of staring at screens and to transition into activities that assists in their development. Recent studies show that children spend on average 9 hours per day on screens, missing out on valuable opportunities for stimulating activities.

    Pop N’ Play™ offers children a dive into brain-boosting activities that ignite their intellect and fuse learning with excitement. Engage in high-energy challenges that test their memory and push boundaries, empowering children to exercise valuable cognitive activities. Spark their curiousity, stimulate their brains, and present them with the ultimate challenge through the captivating experience of Pop N' Play.


    Dimensions: ‎5 x 4 x 2 inches

    Weight: 0.36 lbs

    *Powered By 3 AAA Batteries (Not Included)


    (1) X Pop N’ Play™ Sensory Fidget Pop Toy

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    Pop N’ Play™ Sensory Fidget Pop Toy

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