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StealthView™ Night Vision Monocular


"Wow these are awesome! The night vision projects clearly over a very long distance. I took this out with me on my nighttime hike in the woods and was able to use this to see so clearly on my way home. The cool thing is that it can record, take photos, and comes with its own memory card to store it."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Damien C.
Verified Buyer

As the sun sets and darkness sets in, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike know that navigating the wilderness can be difficult. This can present a challenge as visibility is lost, hindering the ability to navigate, return to camp, or remain vigilant of surroundings. Darkness can hide dangerous obstacles and lurking predators, leaving even the most experienced outdoor enthusiast feeling vulnerable and unsure.

Introducing StealthView™, the night vision monocular that can make the outdoor and hunting experience safer and more exciting. With StealthView™, explore the wilderness after dark with enhanced visibility, navigate through low-light environments, and track animals with ease. Experience a new level of excitement and confidence in outdoor explorations with the ultimate tool for enhancing nocturnal adventures.


✅ SUPERIOR NIGHT VISION: With advanced infrared technology, objects in the dark become visible to the naked eye. Confidently navigate any outdoor environment, ensuring safety and peace of mind on every adventure.

✅ MINI LED DISPLAY: Equipped with a built-in LED screen that displays a clear live view of the trail ahead. This innovative feature provides a more convenient and immersive viewing experience, allowing adventurers to spot targets and navigate through the dark with ease.

✅ RECORD EVERY MOMENT: Capture exciting sightings with the built-in 960p recording and picture-taking feature. This serves as a practical tool for hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers to document and analyze their findings.

✅ ENHANCED MAGNIFICATION: Featuring a 4x digital zoom and 3x optical magnification, StealthView™ zooms into the distance. This enhances the ability to spot and identify wildlife, scout terrain, and stay aware of surroundings, making it an indispensable tool for any outdoor enthusiast.

✅ VERSATILE: StealthView™ is an ideal companion for various outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, wildlife observation, and surveillance. It is a convenient and valuable tool to keep in handy, ensuring more to discover while exploring the great outdoors.

✅ POCKET-SIZED: The pocket size of StealthView™ makes it highly portable, bringing quick and easy access to night vision in various situations. Its reliability ensures that users can depend on it to provide enhanced visibility when and where they need it most.


We understand the frustration that outdoor enthusiasts face when the sun sets and darkness prevails. It can be hard to navigate your way around, and even harder to remain safe in the face of potential dangers. In fact, studies show more than 50% of outdoor accidents occur during low-light conditions, making it crucial to have a reliable source of visibility.

The StealthView™ night vision monocular is the perfect solution for those seeking a dependable tool for outdoor activities. This cutting-edge device amplifies vision in total darkness, making it the perfect tool for any outdoor adventurer. By improving visibility and situational awareness, StealthView™ enhances the outdoor experience, allowing adventurers to explore with confidence and peace of mind.


Dimensions: ‎6.73 x 5.2 x 2.76 inches

Weight: 0.39 lbs


(1) X StealthView™ Night Vision Monocular

(1) X 16GB SSD Memory Card

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