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WatchDog™ Multifunctional Anti-Theft Tail Light

"I really like the features of this tail light, especially the alarm. If I am going to be close by, I can get by with just my quick and easy cable lock. If anyone tampers with my e-bike. I'm sure to hear it long before they have time to steal it. With both locks, the alarm gives me peace of mind even if I'm out of range. The turn signals work great and have different sounds so you know if you have the left or right one on."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - J. Lovrek
Verified Buyer

Bike theft is hard to avoid and can occur without warning. It can happen in the blink of an eye, and without proper security measures in place, the chances of those bikes being stolen are increased. The devastating feeling of losing a bike can be disheartening and feel hopeless, especially since there is nothing that can be done about it.

The WatchDog™ alarm system provides additional preventative security measures for every bicycle. The tail light is an anti-theft device that, with the push of a button, arms bikes with a 110-decibel alarm that alerts anyone nearby and makes bikes immensely more difficult to steal. WatchDog™ helps prevent theft and gives peace of mind to ride anywhere with confidence.



✅ AUDIBLE ALARM DETERRENT: The one thing thieves fear most is attracting attention. Equipped with a 110dB alarm system that triggers when sensing movement, WatchDog™ emits a piercing sound that deters thieves from quietly tampering with any lock and attracts attention to anyone around.

✅ PORTABLE REMOTE KEY CONTROL: The remote acts as a key to controlling all the features of the tail light and mounts/dismounts onto the handles of the bike. Using the remote grants access within 98ft at any time and prevents thieves from disarming the alarm.

✅ MULTIFUNCTIONAL TAIL LIGHT: Functional turn signals & motion-sensing brake lights let drivers and pedestrians know when a cyclist is about to turn or slow down. This ensures the safety and peace of mind on the road at all times for both drivers and cyclists.

✅ MULTIPLE LIGHT MODES: WatchDog™ features 5 different lighting styles: Emergency, Breathing, Fast Blinking, and Steady. These modes offer custom style and visibility in all cycling conditions.

✅ LUMINOUS LED: The WatchDog™ is fully equipped with 31 luminous LEDs. This enhances superior visibility to any oncoming traffic and increases the safety of every cycler on the road.

✅ LASTING BATTERY LIFE: WatchDog™ lasts up to 70 hours and can be conveniently recharged with a USB-C cable. With a full charge, gain the confidence of long-lasting protection and security throughout the day.


  1. After mounting WatchDog™ onto the seat securely, press the arm button on the wireless remote
  2. Once the tail light detects motion on the bike it gives off a warning sound.
  3. When it detects motion a second time, it will alarm for 30 seconds or until it is disarmed on the remote,

We understand the unnerving feeling of having our bikes left out with the risk of them being stolen. It can be daunting to unexpectedly have it stolen and have no way of ever retrieving it back. Recent studies have shown that bike theft often happens when bikes are left unattended and are easy and quick to steal without grabbing attention.

Thankfully, WatchDog™ keeps bikes increasingly difficult to steal with an ultimate preventative system in place. With its discreet and multifunctional design, simply pressing the button securely arms the bike with an intense deterrent alarm so thieves cannot steal bikes. Now, enjoy a sense of relief knowing each bicycle is equipped with the proper anti-theft system wherever you go! 



Weight: 0.60 lbs

  • Max Light Output(Lumens) : 160LM, Number of LED: 31
  • Alarm/Horn Noise Level: 110dB
  • Waterproof: IP54
  • Remote Holder Diameter: 0.78-0.94 inch, Taillight Holder Diameter: 0.98-1.38 inch
  • Remote Range: up to 98ft (up to 196ft in the open air)
  • Taillight Battery: 3.7V 2000mAh lithium battery (included)
  • Remote Battery: 3V CR2032 battery (included)
  • Rechargeability: Taillight battery only (USB Type-C rechargeable)
  • Full Charging Time: About 7 hours (with the original USB cable and your 3A charger adapter)


(1) X WatchDog™ Multifunctional Anti-Theft Tail Light

(1) X Mountable Wireless Remote

(1) X Taillight Mount

(1) X USB Charging Cable

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